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Medan - 29 Juni 2013, International Humanity Foundation di Medan membutuhkan tenaga kerja untuk posisi Volunteer with the International Humanity Foundation!. Untuk info lengkap silahkan baca requirement di bawah ini atau klik kirim lamaran.

Dibawah ini adalah info lengkap mengenai lowongan pekerjaan Volunteer with the International Humanity Foundation!. Sebelum melamar pekerjaan, baca baik-baik persyaratan, jadwal wawancara, lokasi kerja, dan cara menghubungi perusahaan (email / nomor telepon). Untuk mengirimkan lamaran, klik tombol "Kirim Lamaran" yang ada di bawah.

The International Humanity Foundation is looking for individuals to volunteer from their own homes or at our IHF childrens homes and educational centers in Kenya, Thailand, and Indonesia and to be friends and teachers to our children. By bringing together disadvantaged children of Thailand and volunteers from across the world, there is a learning opportunity for both. As both sides discover more about each other, their lives and their cultures and go on to teach their own friends what they learned in this exchange, we hope to create a world of greater understanding and compassion.

IHF needs people with all skills. No matter your experience, IHF needs you. At the centre, work-study volunteers divide their time between playing with and teaching the children and working on international projects . The centre host English, computer and math classes, and the children often seek tutoring for their homework, all tasks which work-study volunteers take part in.

The IHF work study program is an intensive learning experience. It provides you with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with an international non-profit and in myriad scenes of poverty. All volunteers participate on one or more of our international task teams such as university relations, photography and child watch. To qualify to serve at a centre, volunteers must complete 12 hours of work on one of the teams, and they continue to participate on the team once at the centre. In the rare case where you lack the ability to complete these hours but possess certain trade skills in agriculture, construction or others needed at one of our centres, you may be exempt from these pre-trip hours. If this is the case, be sure to immediately get in contact with the centre director to discuss your situation and possible alternative tasks.
It is important to note that these are intensive experiences. Even before your arrival at the center, you must work 12 hours on international tasks to demonstrate your work ethic. Once at the center, IHF requires its work-study volunteers to work eight hours a day on at-center and international tasks, six day a week. There is time to sightsee and tour the nation, but work is always the first priority. IHF depends on its volunteers to function and to love the children. If you are not prepared to devote this time to work, you should look elsewhere for your service experience.
All work-study volunteers will be on probation for their first week at the center. During this time you will be evaluated by the children. If you are deemed abusive or not safe or the children are fearful for any reason, you will be asked to leave. This does not happen often but sadly has had to be implemented to protect the children.
Upon the completion of your term of service at the center, you will receive an IHF Certificate of Graduation from our CEO, Carol Sasaki. The certificate will detail your work and experiences while at the center and grade your performance.

Available To Participants: World wide
Participants Travel: Independently
Application Requires: Resume, online application

Before beginning to serve at a center, all work-study volunteers are required to complete 12 hours of online work with our international task teams such as Community Outreach, Fundraising and Photography.
Volunteers with IHF must speak English fluently and have a great attitude. They must also be mature, responsible, team players, fast learners, flexible and interested in global change through education and service.

Most importantly, our volunteers must have an open heart and a willingness to help others and a passion to make a difference!

Mission Statement:
IHF focuses on educating and feeding children who come from the most marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds. IHF has set up orphanages in Kenya, Indonesia and Thailand. We seek to provide a way for children to get an education that they desperately desire and are not able to receive. By educating and teaching these children that they are significant and competent, we also teach them that everyone has a voice that matters. IHF promotes self-sufficiency in the communities we work in, primarily focusing on the education, nutrition, and care of children. IHF encourages understanding and caring between people of all nations and religions in order to better prepare the leaders of future generations. We believe that by promoting communication and understanding between students from the poorest of the poor and students in America, we will all be better educated by this exchange. We desire for every student in the United States to have communication with students abroad who are different both culturally and socioeconomically, in order for all students to be educated about the world they live in.

Please send us an email at volunteering at ihfonline.org if you want to learn more or have questions about volunteering with IHF.
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